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FOODtography: La Crêperie, Cafe Bene and Pizza Hut Bistro.

1st stop: La Crêperie.

IMG_6825 IMG_6832

Just passing by La Crêperie makes your mouth water from the sweet enticing smell emanating from inside.


Cappuccino: Espresso, steamed milk and foam.


La Christine: It’s a crêpe with fresh strawberries, homemade strawberry jam and whipped cream.


This is my friend’s reaction after tasting La Christine. It’s that good!


Make your own crêpe: Hazelnut spread (Nutella) crêpe, whipped cream, sliced almonds and salted butter caramel syrup.


Campagne: Bacon, potato, caramelized onions, cheese and jalapeno pepper. The jalapeno pepper is optional but I had them add it in. I thought it would be spicy but it was only subtle. The side salad was just lettuce with honey mustard vinaigrette. It may not look enticing but it was so good that I had to stop myself from ordering another plate.


We also ordered a side of bacon.


Their teas are from TWG.

2nd stop: Cafe Bene


Cafe Bene is a Korean coffehouse chain. It’s a great place to study or hangout with friends. They have a 2nd floor so there’s no need to worry about getting a table and there are outlets all over the area so you can plug your laptops or other electronic devices.


Iced Misugaru Latte: homemade multigrain drink containing black sesame seed, black bean, black rice, brown rice, barley. It may not be to everyone’s taste but I like it and it’s a healthy drink.

3rd stop: Pizza Hut Bistro


Penne in tomato cream sauce: When they added this in their menu, it became my favorite. I don’t know what happened but this order is bland so I was disappointed. I don’t know if I’ll order it again.

All 3 restaurants are located at Eastwood City, QC.


Vikings: A Feast from the Sea, Indeed!

Yesterday, I went to Vikings with my family. It was our 1st time there except for my eldest sister. We were celebrating my niece’s 3rd birthday. I’ve read a lot of good reviews and after my experience, I will definitely go back.

The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of SM Marikina. It covers a big area so they can serve a wide variety of dishes and seat hundreds of hungry diners. It was a weekday but there were still many customers. I guess it was because many people opt to celebrate their birthday there since they get to eat for free. I can’t even remember how many times I heard the Vikings crew sang Happy Birthday and they do that everyday for lunch and dinner. I suggest to make reservations in advance so you don’t have to wait for a table. We were seated near the window which had a beautiful view of the sunset over the skyline.

There are so many kinds of food that I bet no one has ever tried to get a taste of everything. They have soups, salads, bread, spreads, seafoods, steaks, sushi, cakes, ice cream and fresh fruits to name a few. There’s also a variety of drinks available such as juice, shakes, tea, coffee and even beer.

This may sound absurd but I always make a mental checklist before eating at buffets. The #1 rule is to consume equal to or more than what you pay for. You should eat the most expensive dish available. In Vikings, they have steaks, lamb, sushi, sashimi, tempura, crabs, caviars and oysters. Do not eat raw fish and shellfish on an empty stomach. Start your meal with a light salad. Avoid eating foods rich in starch as well as soups because it will make you full. It’s better to eat those at the end if there’s still some space left in your stomach. Don’t pile up your plate and only eat small portions of different dishes to try them all. It’s a buffet so you can go back as many times as you want. Lastly, drink hot tea to aid in digestion.

I must have consumed 10 plates of food and 6 glasses of drinks so my 888php dinner was worth it. I loved the salmon and tuna sashimi (It’s so fresh that it truly is a feast from the sea!), canadian roll, oysters rockefeller, tenderloin steak with truffle sauce, pastrami (I was surprised that they had this), spinach spread, avocado ice cream, chocolate mousse, blueberry cheesecake, red velvet cake and crème brûlée. As for the dishes that kind of disappointed me, starting with the tempura which was heavily battered. Then, the lamb steak that I got had more fat than meat so I didn’t get to enjoy it. It was good with the mint jelly. Plus, I think they just reheated the meat on the grill so it gets cold fast. What they did to the prosciutto was very disappointing. Why would you sprinkle thyme on it and wrap it around a hard to bite melon? WHY?!

The next time I get to feast at Vikings I know what I’ll be eating.

Seen and Heard: Set Your Goals, We Are The In Crowd & This Century

Last Friday night, I unexpectedly won tickets to a concert. It all started when I joined a contest from a radio station that sponsored the concert. All I did was collect a bunch of words then e-mailed it before the deadline. The thing is I don’t know any of the bands that will be performing at the concert. (see photo below)

I just entered the contest for the sake of trying out my luck. A few minutes later I received a bunch of congratulatory tweets and a confirmation from the station. Yesterday morning, I dropped by the station to pick up my prizes which include 4 tickets to the concert, cds and magazines.

It was short notice so all my friends whom I invited couldn’t make it plus the weather was bad. I had brunch with a good friend of mine so when she found out that I was going there alone, she decided to keep me company even though she hasn’t slept yet since she just got off work. During the concert, we took a seat with a great view of the stage, right smack in the middle. The crowd was mostly High School and College teens with raging hormones. As expected, it wasn’t a full house but still there were prolly about 1000+ people who came to the concert. My friend slept during the performance of the first two bands. I don’t know if she’s the first ever person to have slept at Araneta Coliseum during a rock concert.

The first band was Set Your Goals and their music is punk rock so it’s a good starter for the concert cause it got the crowd going. They looked like a bunch if kids but they were good, specially the drummer. After their set, I suddenly felt tired and even got a headache. I don’t know if it was because of my lack of sleep or I’m just not used to going to concerts/gigs. Next up was This Century and out of the three bands last night, they were my favorite. They have pretty good songs plus their vocalist knows how to handle the crowd, a real charmer. Now I understand why those girls love them or him. The last band was We Are The In Crowd. They have 2 vocalists, a guy and a girl. In my opinion, they actually sound like Paramore. I admire the professionalism of the girl vocalist because it was obvious that she was sick and her voice was cracking but she still did an awesome job. Although, I had no idea about the bands or any of their songs, I still enjoyed the concert.

Thank you Lord for the unexpected blessing.

Now Playing: Never The Strangers

Never The Strangers. They sound foreign but they’re actually a local band. Composed of Ace Libre on vocals and keyboards, Francis Victa on bass, JP del Mundo on guitars and PJ La Viña on drums. I immediately became a fan the first time I saw them perform live during the October Tambay Tuesdays at Route196 last year. Aside from their good looks, these guys are really talented. They are in their early 20’s and fresh out of college but they’ve achieved a lot for a fairly new band. They had the privilege of playing as the opening act when Death Cab For Cutie was here in Manila and their current single, “Moving Closer” is the new song for Close Up.

After months of delay, they recently released their self-titled album and after listening to all the tracks, it was really worth the wait. All the songs are composed by their brilliant vocalist, Ace. You get to hear his vocal ability in the song “Everything” which is my favorite among the 12 tracks in the album. It’s an acoustic song which reminded me of “Kandila” by Sugarfree. I just love the </3 line that goes “I’m happy as long as you are.” Another favorite of mine is “Moving Closer” which has this “kilig” vibe and best heard at a live gig.

They also have an LSS-inducing track called “Davenport” that will have you singing “Can you feel the rush, rush? Can you feel the rush, rush, baby?” This is actually the first song that I heard from the band. Before I got to see them perform live at a gig, a friend was raving about them so I checked out their Facebook page. They posted a bunch of demo tracks and after listening to all of it, I just had to see them live. There are a lot of bands out there but they had this new wave vibe which was something new to my ears and I liked it. They sounded good on record and my expectations were exceeded when I got to see them live. Need I say more? Be sure to grab a copy of their album cause it’s really worth it and catch them at one of their gigs.


WARNING: May contain some spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Noon, magkakaibigan ang bumubuo ng musika. Pero ngayon, musika ang bumubuo ng pagkakaibigan.” – Odie (Jason Abalos)

Finally, I got to see the film Rakenrol. I’ve been wanting to see it ever since I saw the trailer on youtube. It premiered at the last day of Cinemalaya. Unfortunately, scoring tickets for the film during Cinemalaya was hard unless you’re willing to wait in the long queue at the ticket booth or you know the people behind the movie. It was created by people from the music industry (Directed by Quark Henares and co-written by Diego Castillo) so the story was made based on their personal experiences and the characters were molded after them. I thought that the cast members were perfectly selected for their roles. Each character was an important part of the film, even the stereotypical rockstar, Jacci Rocha (Deither Ocampo) and the eccentric artist, Francis/Yagit (Jun Sabayton). There were many familiar faces, places and experiences.

The part of the movie that struck me the most was the scene where the Hapipaks were at Jacci Rocha’s party. Matet introduced Odie to a group of famous musicians. He was in awe to be in the presence of the people he idolizes but then as he interacts with them, he realizes that they are just a bunch of normal people who happens to be famous because of their jobs. This is also how I felt and still feel whenever I get to hangout with my friends from the band. They may be famous but they keep their feet grounded. Finally, there was an inspiring scene in the movie where Odie was sitting outside a convenience store when he should’ve been at their gig. He was having second thoughts about continuing with the band when Ely Buendia notices him. Ely gave a scenario, something like 10 years from now you’d go to work in the morning and sit at a cubicle answering calls all day. Then, you’d go home late at night and do the same routine everyday. You’d look back at the days when you were happy in a band and regret not doing what you’ve always wanted. So basically, Ely advised him to pursue his dreams. Wouldn’t it be awesome for something like that to happen in reality? An up and coming musician noticed by a legend in the music industry. It’s Ely *insert swear words here* Buendia!

The movie was very entertaining. The witty punch lines were perfectly placed that there were many moments when the entire audience was bursting with laughter. It wasn’t just about bands. Everyone can relate to the characters and their experiences. If I were to give this movie a score, I’d say 5 out of 5. I could watch this again and never get tired of it. I would highly recommend watching it. This is the movie of our generation. It actually reminds me of Suckseed (Thai Movie). I hope that they will be selling original DVD’s of this in the market so I could get my hands on one.