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LSS: Let Me Love You

Oh, hi there! I just remembered that I had this so might as well share something. This song has been playing in my head for the past 2 weeks but I don’t mind. Listen and take it all in.

Coming Soon: Sa Wakas

Mariposa was the first song I heard from Sugarfree but Burnout will forever be my favorite. The songs of Sugarfree are the soundtrack of my high school life. Their songs have touched the hearts and affected the lives of many people. The band may have disbanded but their song will be heard forever.

This summer Sugarfree’s songs will be heard onstage in a musical. I found out last year that there will be a musical which will feature songs by Sugarfree. At that time, it was only on its audition stage but I was already excited for the final production. 2 days ago, a teaser was released and it gave me goosebumps. I wish I had a time machine so I could fast forward to April and watch the highly anticipated Sa Wakas.

Here’s the video link: 


Here are 2 songs which will be used in the musical. I had goosebumps after watching the videos.

Seen and Heard: Big Bang

WARNING: This post contains the thoughts of a crazy fangirl after seeing her favorite korean boy band. Read at your own risk.

There was so many words that I can use to describe what happened to me last night so first I’ll just say that an item on my bucket list has finally been crossed out. I started listening to kpop because of them. A friend gave me a cd containing songs from their debut album and the song “B I G B A N G” was stuck on my head for weeks. Actually, I don’t consider them as kpop because their genre is hip-hop, rap and r&b. I think highly of them because they are really talented when it comes to singing and dancing plus they make their own music so you know that they are really passionate with what they do.

When I heard of the news that they will be having a concert here, you can’t imagine how crazily ecstatic I was. A lot of kpop acts have held concerts here but they’re the ones I’ve been waiting for. Yes, it’s my first time to watch a Korean idol group’s concert. Let me just briefly share the challenges that I had to face before I got to see the boys perform live: I didn’t get to buy the ticket for the seats that I wanted because it was either sold out or all the good seats were taken. Take note that the ticket prices are outrageously expensive. Before entering the concert venue, I waited for 3 hours in line. All ticket holders were mixed in line because the production company in charge didn’t even think of having separate lines for each type of ticket. So upon entering, there was almost a stampede wherein the fans were like sardines pushing each other just to get in. I wonder if there were any claustrophobic during that moment. My shoes got dirty and I almost fainted from the heat but thanks to my height advantage I survived.

Before the concert, I kept imagining how I’d react upon seeing them in person. Would I scream? Or like those intense fangirls, would I cry? Well, it was neither. After the VTR intro and when the curtains dropped thus revealing the boys in their individual pods, I was just staring in awe, oblivious to the screaming audience in the arena. It took a few seconds for everything to sink in and for me to snap out of my trance. They sang my favorite song and I got to see their personalities on stage. I had so much fun during their 2-hour performance that I didn’t notice the time pass by. After seeing them perform live, I must say that all those challenges that I had to go through were all worth it. At this very moment that I am writing this post, there is still that I’m-so-happy-I-feel-like-I’m-floating kind of feeling. It was the best concert and night of my life. I hope to see them again someday.

If it’s possible to die from too much happiness and good vibes then I must be a ghostly writer because I already died last night. 🙂

Photo from Big Bang’s Facebook Page

One of the Memorable Nights of My Life

Just when you think your day is gonna end with a bang, it goes BOOM!!!

When I left home, it’s as if there’s a bowling tournament going on in the skies but I didn’t mind. I was happy and excited to attend a school gig. My series of unfortunate events started after my mom dropped me off at the train station. I bought the wrong ticket but I just went along with it.

When I arrived near the school, it was raining cats and dogs plus a lot of heart-stopping thunder and lightning. It’s a good thing that I always bring an umbrella with me whenever I leave the house. However, the strong winds made it worse because I still got wet. When I arrived at the school grounds, it was already flooded and still rising. I had to walk through one-foot deep waters to reach the building. My limited edition one-year old shoes which I bought in Hong Kong was ruined. I was cursing from the moment I entered the school grounds until I reached the building where the auditorium was located.

I arrived looking like a mess. It was useless to wash my feet with alcohol so imagine how I felt the entire time I was there. I took a seat at the back of the auditorium to dry myself. I tried to forget what I went through and just enjoyed the show. Being with my friends made me feel a little better. One of them even offered his extra shirt when he noticed the one I was wearing was wet and I also got a free meal. But the best part of the night was seeing them perform and I was standing amongst the crowd. Their manager noticed the screaming fan girls who ran past us as the band was starting to perform and she asked me if I was like that before. When I became a fan and started going to their gigs, I honestly don’t remember acting crazy like that. I guess it’s because I’ve known them for a long time and we became close friends that I’ve gotten used to them. But no matter how many gigs I’ve been to, each time I see them perform on stage, I remember how I felt when I first saw them. Starstruck and amazed.

After the show, they told us that everyone present in the auditorium were the only ones in the school grounds. Because of the heavy rains and deep floods, we were stranded. I thought we were gonna stay there with the students until morning but thankfully it was only a couple of hours. We just had to wait for the water to recede a bit to get the car out of the school grounds. There were three of us in the car and I could sense that we were all holding our breaths as the car was driving through the flooded road. There was even a moment of applause after we passed. It was an exhausting but memorable night that I never want to experience again.

Coming Soon: Paalam

Paalam. It’s a Filipino word which means to say goodbye. However, it doesn’t connote that it’s the end. It could also mean a start of something new.

Silent Sanctuary will be releasing a new single entitled “Paalam”. Composed by Sarkie Sarangay a few years ago, it was supposed to be included in their album, Fuchsiang Pag-ibig, but they decided otherwise. It’s a bittersweet song about saying goodbye to a relationship. The lyrics convey having regrets yet moving on and wishing for the person to be happy. Better prepare a tissue before listening to it because it’s a real tearjerker.

Last Monday, I was fortunate to be invited to their music video shoot in a secret location. I don’t want to be a spoiler so I’m not gonna tell any detail on the concept of the video. But everything was shot in 1 night so it was tiring for the band and production crew. During breaks, the band would crack a joke or make funny antics to make the whole set burst with laughter and it lessened the fatigue that everyone was feeling. After watching them from behind the scenes, I’m so excited to see the final video for their upcoming single.

The song and music video will be released soon so watch out for it! 🙂

My Love For Music

When I was a kid, my sister would play her tapes and I’d have to endure listening to her kind of music such as Grin Department and Parokya ni Edgar. Don’t get me wrong cause I have heard of Eraserheads, The Dawn, Wolfgang and many other bands during that time but I was more into boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and N’sync since it was the popular kind of music to my generation.

It was only in High School when I came to appreciate the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) band scene and it’s all because of my teachers’ influence, specifically the “Faculty Banned.” Based on the name, they are composed of faculty members from the English, Social Studies and Filipino department of our high school. If they weren’t teaching, they probably would have been in a band. They would perform original and cover songs during school events such as the annual fair.

I remember during Filipino class, when we were discussing a chapter in Noli Me Tangere, my teacher had the class listen to the song Burnout by Sugarfree in connection to the love story between Chrisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara. In another lesson, he used a song by Moonstar88. My Filipino teacher was the drummer for the Faculty Banned and keyboardist for the Liturgical Choir. He started teaching at our school when I was in 3rd year and it was the same time that the Faculty Banned was formed. He was our class advisor so we’d support them whenever they’d hit the stage. We also had a band formed within our class and they were named “Short Notice.”

Years have passed and I’ve become such a musicphile because I listen to music everyday and it’s an important part of my life. I may not have any musical talent in my genes but I love music. If I were to lose all my senses except for one, then I’d rather retain my hearing. I’ve also met a lot of people from the music industry and I never imagined myself to have famous musician friends who have adoring fans screaming their name and asking for autographs. I was… or rather, I still am and forever will be a fan. It’s how I started before I became friends with them.

Anyway, this entry is getting too long and I don’t know how to end it because I feel like there is so much more to say. So before I forget, I just wanted to say that I am thankful to my teachers who taught me to appreciate and love OPM. We have a rich pool of talented musicians in our country that needs our support. I suggest going to gigs and listen to live music. It’s a must-have experience on your bucket list. 🙂