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LSS: Let Me Love You

Oh, hi there! I just remembered that I had this so might as well share something. This song has been playing in my head for the past 2 weeks but I don’t mind. Listen and take it all in.

Timing is everything

A thought suddenly came to me, “It’s just not meant to be.” When nothing seemed to be working out for me and just when I was about to give up, a miracle happened. I had hope and all the stress that built up in me was lifted. It was as if God was playing an awful trick on me. In the end, I guess I just needed to believe and have a little more patience.

FOODtography: Din Tai Fung – Silvercord Branch, Hong Kong



Black Truffle and Pork Xiao Long Bao



Shrimp and Pork Shaomai

Rest In Peace Papa

Today, we buried my father. I should be sad but I feel nothing. Maybe the fact that he’s dead hasn’t sunk in yet. Or it could be the fact that I don’t really know my father. The words “When you don’t feel anything, it just means that you don’t care anymore.” came to mind. Maybe that’s it.

During the wake, I felt like a celebrity. I mean I didn’t know anyone there but they knew who I was. Even though I’d ask who they were and they’d say their name, I would still have a lot of questions for them like how are they related to my dad? how did you know who I was? have we met before?

What do I know about my dad? My siblings would say that he was a strict disciplinarian. He cheated on my mom with someone she knew. My mom kicked him out of the house and that was when I was about 2 years old. He would visit during birthdays or Christmas to give cards with a 500-peso bill tucked inside the the envelope and sometimes he would bring along the 2 kids he had with his mistress. He was a taxi driver but before that he worked in an office but I’m not sure exactly what he did. As he got older, he got sick and he got worse. From diabetes to stroke. They said he even had Alzheimer’s disease which explains the time we visited him and he couldn’t recognize us or it could just be because he had a stroke so his memory was affected and they could just be exaggerating. Now that he’s with Him, he wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. He has paid his dues.


Salamat, Papa. Di ako mabubuhay sa mundong ito kung di dahil sayo.

20 Little Things ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Fans Know To Be True

Thought Catalog

How I Met Your Mother

1. Nothing good ever happens after 2 AM. Usually, you make the most stupid decisions in the most unholy hour. So if you find yourself contemplating on something on the wee hours of the morning, you better sleep it off. You’ll find that you make better decisions in the morning.

2. There is always someone out there for you. You may not meet him today, tomorrow, or the next day; but somehow, you’ll find the right one for you. Sometimes, people fall in love in the most unexpected ways, and you might find yourself falling for that person you never intended to.

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3. There is no such thing as destiny. You make your own choices in life, and these choices will affect your future. How you want that to be–whether happy or sad–is entirely up to you.

4. You don’t always end…

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Photo Blog: My Birthday in Singapore

Flashback to May. I joined an online contest wherein the prize is a 2-night stay at one of the hotels by Stay Far East Hospitality in Singapore. I didn’t get my hopes up since it was too good to be true. Then, a month later, I received an e-mail stating that I won! After confirming the prize, I decided to use it on my birthday since the voucher was good until September 19, 2013. Booked a ticket for my mom, sister and myself then reserved a room at the Village Court Albert Hotel. After few months, it was already my birthday and we were on our way to Singapore.

SG 2013 (23)

It was a lucky day for me because Lee Seung Gi was also arriving at Changi Airport. I only found out when I saw this at the arrival hall and when I asked some of his fans who were eagerly waiting for him. They were very nice because they answered all my questions. To those fans whom I met at the airport, thank you very much. 🙂

SG 2013 (38) SG 2013 (39) SG 2013 (40)

I waited for an hour just to get a glimpse of him and it was worth it.

SG 2013 (7)The World Food Fair was held that weekend and admission was free so we stuffed ourselves with cheap but good food.

SG 2013 (17) SG 2013 (18)

SG 2013 (80)

My visit to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without eating at Din Tai Fung.

SG 2013 (78)

The best xiao long bao (steamed pork dumplings) I’ve ever had.

SG 2013 (64)

I was disappointed to hear that the AFC Studio had closed down 3 days before my arrival.

SG 2013 (45)

I didn’t have a cake on my birthday but I did have a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy. ❤

SG 2013 (140)

It was a short but fulfilling trip. I will be coming back again someday to one of the places I love to visit.

I am now 26 years old! I don’t know if every good thing that has happened to me right now is a blessing or just luck, nonetheless, I am thankful.