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Seen and Heard: Big Bang

WARNING: This post contains the thoughts of a crazy fangirl after seeing her favorite korean boy band. Read at your own risk.

There was so many words that I can use to describe what happened to me last night so first I’ll just say that an item on my bucket list has finally been crossed out. I started listening to kpop because of them. A friend gave me a cd containing songs from their debut album and the song “B I G B A N G” was stuck on my head for weeks. Actually, I don’t consider them as kpop because their genre is hip-hop, rap and r&b. I think highly of them because they are really talented when it comes to singing and dancing plus they make their own music so you know that they are really passionate with what they do.

When I heard of the news that they will be having a concert here, you can’t imagine how crazily ecstatic I was. A lot of kpop acts have held concerts here but they’re the ones I’ve been waiting for. Yes, it’s my first time to watch a Korean idol group’s concert. Let me just briefly share the challenges that I had to face before I got to see the boys perform live: I didn’t get to buy the ticket for the seats that I wanted because it was either sold out or all the good seats were taken. Take note that the ticket prices are outrageously expensive. Before entering the concert venue, I waited for 3 hours in line. All ticket holders were mixed in line because the production company in charge didn’t even think of having separate lines for each type of ticket. So upon entering, there was almost a stampede wherein the fans were like sardines pushing each other just to get in. I wonder if there were any claustrophobic during that moment. My shoes got dirty and I almost fainted from the heat but thanks to my height advantage I survived.

Before the concert, I kept imagining how I’d react upon seeing them in person. Would I scream? Or like those intense fangirls, would I cry? Well, it was neither. After the VTR intro and when the curtains dropped thus revealing the boys in their individual pods, I was just staring in awe, oblivious to the screaming audience in the arena. It took a few seconds for everything to sink in and for me to snap out of my trance. They sang my favorite song and I got to see their personalities on stage. I had so much fun during their 2-hour performance that I didn’t notice the time pass by. After seeing them perform live, I must say that all those challenges that I had to go through were all worth it. At this very moment that I am writing this post, there is still that I’m-so-happy-I-feel-like-I’m-floating kind of feeling. It was the best concert and night of my life. I hope to see them again someday.

If it’s possible to die from too much happiness and good vibes then I must be a ghostly writer because I already died last night. 🙂

Photo from Big Bang’s Facebook Page