Seen and Heard: Set Your Goals, We Are The In Crowd & This Century

Last Friday night, I unexpectedly won tickets to a concert. It all started when I joined a contest from a radio station that sponsored the concert. All I did was collect a bunch of words then e-mailed it before the deadline. The thing is I don’t know any of the bands that will be performing at the concert. (see photo below)

I just entered the contest for the sake of trying out my luck. A few minutes later I received a bunch of congratulatory tweets and a confirmation from the station. Yesterday morning, I dropped by the station to pick up my prizes which include 4 tickets to the concert, cds and magazines.

It was short notice so all my friends whom I invited couldn’t make it plus the weather was bad. I had brunch with a good friend of mine so when she found out that I was going there alone, she decided to keep me company even though she hasn’t slept yet since she just got off work. During the concert, we took a seat with a great view of the stage, right smack in the middle. The crowd was mostly High School and College teens with raging hormones. As expected, it wasn’t a full house but still there were prolly about 1000+ people who came to the concert. My friend slept during the performance of the first two bands. I don’t know if she’s the first ever person to have slept at Araneta Coliseum during a rock concert.

The first band was Set Your Goals and their music is punk rock so it’s a good starter for the concert cause it got the crowd going. They looked like a bunch if kids but they were good, specially the drummer. After their set, I suddenly felt tired and even got a headache. I don’t know if it was because of my lack of sleep or I’m just not used to going to concerts/gigs. Next up was This Century and out of the three bands last night, they were my favorite. They have pretty good songs plus their vocalist knows how to handle the crowd, a real charmer. Now I understand why those girls love them or him. The last band was We Are The In Crowd. They have 2 vocalists, a guy and a girl. In my opinion, they actually sound like Paramore. I admire the professionalism of the girl vocalist because it was obvious that she was sick and her voice was cracking but she still did an awesome job. Although, I had no idea about the bands or any of their songs, I still enjoyed the concert.

Thank you Lord for the unexpected blessing.


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