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Now Playing: Catch You

I’m more of a rocker chick than a hip-hop shawty so if you’ll scan through the 3000+ songs on my iPod, it’s mostly alternative or rock. Just a while ago, I saw this music video on TV and it caught my attention. I just loved the sweet lyrics and catchy melody of the song. Had I heard it on the radio instead, I wouldn’t even have thought that it’s from a local artist. So I wanna share here my current LSS and I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Here’s the Lyrics:

Verse 1:
The sight of you is just so calming and serene
It’s as if you got a hold of me and what is in between
My chest and I can’t help it, think it’s best if I would let it
Be because against you tell me how can I protect it
I think that it’s a risk worth taking if it’s for you
Life is what you make it and to love is to be loyal
I’ll be there when you need me even if you get cold
Wondering if you could read me and the feelings that I hold
For you and I would never leave your side
If you’re with me then I’m with you I’d be always down to ride
You’re not sure if you can trust me well I aint telling you to
We can be friends if you want I just wanna be next to you
I would never let you fall I’d be ready to catch you
What’s the point of it all if I wont be abe to match you
Confused with all the fusion of my thoughts well one thing’s clear
It’s amusing just like music I feel better when you’re here

I love the way that you came in (do without a warning) without a warning
You gotta know that I would never let you fall and uh
Have I told you that your beauty’s got me amazed
And lately all I could ever think about is your face

Verse 2:
I’m an easy read kindergarten book
When it’s you and me I got that stupid look
On my face with the quirk and vibe and I’m scared every time
Like you’re that one weakness of mine
For you and I would never leave your side
If you’re with me then I’m with you I’ll be always down to ride
You’re not sure if you can trust me well I aint telling you to
We can be friends if you want I just wanna be next to you oh
I don’t even wanna rock your ground
I don’t wanna be your world
I don’t wanna be the mountain you climb
Just to fall off and die I’m the type
That could stay by your side
Just in case if you need me I can catch you
Baby you know that I will catch you
Baby you know that I will catch you
Baby you know, baby you know
Baby you know that I will

Verse 3:
The way you smile is even brighter than the morning sun
Making me think that you might be the one
And I don’t care what others say
You’re mine and I’m yours won’t have it any other way

Just let me catch you (Baby you know that I will catch you)
Just let me catch you (Baby you know that I will catch you)
Just let me catch you (Baby you know, baby you know)
Just let me catch you (Baby you know that I will)


When you’re falling, when you’re falling
When you’re falling, when you fall
When you’re falling, when you’re falling
I’ll be there girl you won’t need to call
When you fall (fall), when you fall (fall)
When you fall (fall), when you fall (fall)


Photo: That Awkward Moment


I’ve been wanting to post a new entry but I just can’t put my thoughts together until now. This is gonna be short, simple and straight to the point. So I got to talk to a friend last week and this topic in our conversation struck me the most. Karma. Karma is defined as the endless chain of cause and effect that determines the future events of an individuals life. Therefore, your destiny or fate depends upon your karma. There is a saying: What goes around, comes around tenfold. So if you’ve been good, then you will be blessed otherwise may God bless your wicked soul.