Silence Means …

At first, I may seem quiet but once you get to know the real me, I’m actually quite the opposite and my friends know that about me. During my elementary years, if my classmates would describe me with one word, it would be quiet. I was so quiet that I only had a few friends. It was the kind of friendship that had an expiration date on it. Each year, I’d be with a new group of friends and it was tough for me to really open up. It was only during high school when I met my “friends forever and ever” that I showed my true talkative self.

So what’s the point of this entry that I had to go back to memory lane? Well, since the year had started, I’ve been asked by my friends for a couple of times and on different occassions why I’ve been quiet. My reasons are: I have nothing good/interesting to say or I guess I just don’t want to say anything I’d regret later on. I don’t wanna sing John Mayer’s “My Stupid Mouth” anymore because I’ve sang it far too many times before that I’ve reached my limit.


What do you think?

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