Now Playing: Never The Strangers

Never The Strangers. They sound foreign but they’re actually a local band. Composed of Ace Libre on vocals and keyboards, Francis Victa on bass, JP del Mundo on guitars and PJ La Viña on drums. I immediately became a fan the first time I saw them perform live during the October Tambay Tuesdays at Route196 last year. Aside from their good looks, these guys are really talented. They are in their early 20’s and fresh out of college but they’ve achieved a lot for a fairly new band. They had the privilege of playing as the opening act when Death Cab For Cutie was here in Manila and their current single, “Moving Closer” is the new song for Close Up.

After months of delay, they recently released their self-titled album and after listening to all the tracks, it was really worth the wait. All the songs are composed by their brilliant vocalist, Ace. You get to hear his vocal ability in the song “Everything” which is my favorite among the 12 tracks in the album. It’s an acoustic song which reminded me of “Kandila” by Sugarfree. I just love the </3 line that goes “I’m happy as long as you are.” Another favorite of mine is “Moving Closer” which has this “kilig” vibe and best heard at a live gig.

They also have an LSS-inducing track called “Davenport” that will have you singing “Can you feel the rush, rush? Can you feel the rush, rush, baby?” This is actually the first song that I heard from the band. Before I got to see them perform live at a gig, a friend was raving about them so I checked out their Facebook page. They posted a bunch of demo tracks and after listening to all of it, I just had to see them live. There are a lot of bands out there but they had this new wave vibe which was something new to my ears and I liked it. They sounded good on record and my expectations were exceeded when I got to see them live. Need I say more? Be sure to grab a copy of their album cause it’s really worth it and catch them at one of their gigs.


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