Valentine’s Day 2012

Last year, I spent my Valentine’s Day with a few of my single friends. Since we all had nothing to do, they came over my house where we had tacos and watched movies. It was my first time to receive a flower and on Valentine’s Day to boot so the thoughtful gift was deeply appreciated.

As for this year, I was supposed to stay at home and do the same thing I did last year, but only this time I plan on doing it alone. However, I was persuaded by my friends to attend a gig because when they asked me if I was going, I told them I’d pass and they immediately assumed that I had a date. So I had to change my plan for Valentine’s Day and based on what happened last night, I had no regrets. I spent my night with my friends and they had a gig at an auditorium which looked like a mini Valentine’s Day concert from where I was seated. It was a small crowd and they loved the band. I loved the setlist because it was perfect for the occasion. We ended the night by fulfilling my craving for bulalo at Tapsi Ni Vivian, the restaurant that serves the best bulalo in town. To sum it all up, I had a wonderful time.

I wonder how next year will be.


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