It’s all in the genes

Last friday night, I went to a school gig. As my friend and I were on our way to the exit, the guard was about to close the gates on us and I was surprised when he asked if our fetcher has arrived. First of all, I wasn’t wearing a uniform so why would he mistake me as a student from there? Second, I’ve already graduated from high school a few years ago and I’m also done with my college degree so I’m way too old.  It was flattering that I was mistaken for a high school student. Actually, just last March, I was mistaken for a minor when I bought cigarettes for a friend at a convenience store near my alma mater. Does that mean I look 7 years younger than my actual age? Awesome! I would like to thank my parents for the good genes I inherited. Sorry Dr. Belo, but I don’t need your services. LOL!


What do you think?

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