WARNING: May contain some spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Noon, magkakaibigan ang bumubuo ng musika. Pero ngayon, musika ang bumubuo ng pagkakaibigan.” – Odie (Jason Abalos)

Finally, I got to see the film Rakenrol. I’ve been wanting to see it ever since I saw the trailer on youtube. It premiered at the last day of Cinemalaya. Unfortunately, scoring tickets for the film during Cinemalaya was hard unless you’re willing to wait in the long queue at the ticket booth or you know the people behind the movie. It was created by people from the music industry (Directed by Quark Henares and co-written by Diego Castillo) so the story was made based on their personal experiences and the characters were molded after them. I thought that the cast members were perfectly selected for their roles. Each character was an important part of the film, even the stereotypical rockstar, Jacci Rocha (Deither Ocampo) and the eccentric artist, Francis/Yagit (Jun Sabayton). There were many familiar faces, places and experiences.

The part of the movie that struck me the most was the scene where the Hapipaks were at Jacci Rocha’s party. Matet introduced Odie to a group of famous musicians. He was in awe to be in the presence of the people he idolizes but then as he interacts with them, he realizes that they are just a bunch of normal people who happens to be famous because of their jobs. This is also how I felt and still feel whenever I get to hangout with my friends from the band. They may be famous but they keep their feet grounded. Finally, there was an inspiring scene in the movie where Odie was sitting outside a convenience store when he should’ve been at their gig. He was having second thoughts about continuing with the band when Ely Buendia notices him. Ely gave a scenario, something like 10 years from now you’d go to work in the morning and sit at a cubicle answering calls all day. Then, you’d go home late at night and do the same routine everyday. You’d look back at the days when you were happy in a band and regret not doing what you’ve always wanted. So basically, Ely advised him to pursue his dreams. Wouldn’t it be awesome for something like that to happen in reality? An up and coming musician noticed by a legend in the music industry. It’s Ely *insert swear words here* Buendia!

The movie was very entertaining. The witty punch lines were perfectly placed that there were many moments when the entire audience was bursting with laughter. It wasn’t just about bands. Everyone can relate to the characters and their experiences. If I were to give this movie a score, I’d say 5 out of 5. I could watch this again and never get tired of it. I would highly recommend watching it. This is the movie of our generation. It actually reminds me of Suckseed (Thai Movie). I hope that they will be selling original DVD’s of this in the market so I could get my hands on one.


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